At Go-To Disney Guide we are all about giving you our personal takes on all things Disney. So with that, we are excited to personally introduce to you Meredith Michler: Our Go-To Travel Agent specializing in Disney vacations! Fun facts: Meredith and I went to high school together and I used to be her Disney Travel Agent for her family! Here is her story.

If someone were to ask when my love for Disney began, I would have to say it began on my very first trip to Walt Disney World when I was seven years old. I remember my stay at the newly built All Star Sports Resort, swimming in February, using Disney transportation for the first time, and those giant refillable mugs! One thing I remember from that trip, more than meeting the characters or riding Splash Mountain six times in one day, is speaking with a Disney Imagineer at Hollywood Studios, which was then MGM. After that conversation I thought, “This is the business I want to be in.” For those of you not familiar, Disney Imagineers are the creative forces behind the theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, etc. My seven-year-old self was determined to be one of those Imagineers and build animatronic robots all day. My now adult self has lost that creativity that I had when I was a child, but that love for all things Disney is still there.


Fast forward quite a few years in the future to both my husband’s and children’s first trip to Walt Disney WorldCreating these memories together was one of the best experiences of my life: Watching my children’s eyes light up as they saw Cinderella Castle while walking down Main Street, riding Dumbo with their dad for the very first time, and meeting their favorite characters. With the help of my dear friend Michelle, we had everything planned to the T, originally thinking we wouldn’t have another trip booked for another five to ten years. After that trip we started having Disney withdrawals, and we now get the question, “You’re going to Disney again?”Why not? It’s our happy place.


Disney has become a lifestyle for me. Whether you are looking into a multi-generational vacation, honeymoon, bachelorette party, or first-time visit, I can help you plan your trip down to the very last magical detail. I take my work very seriously, and to me this is so much more than just a job. Each vacation is planned with my whole heart as if it were my own trip; whether it’s a 2night stay at All Star Music or a 14night cruise down the Panama Canal. Have questions? I am always willing to help. I want you to have the best vacation experience possible.

We are thrilled to have Meredith as a sponsor and part of our Disney co-op! You can follow her on Instagram @mousedetectives_meredith or on Facebook.

Go-To Disney Guide would love to collaborate with other Disney small businesses! Send us a message through our Contact form or email at!

Meet Meredith: Our Go-To Travel Agent for Disney Vacations

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